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Parlours of the Municipal House and Confectionery

Oriental Parlour, with its rich artistic decoration, is one of the “ladies’ parlours.” It is distinguished by being inspired by Islamic-Anatolian art, reflecting the interest in eastern culture fashionable at that time.
Orientální salonek

Another “ladies’ parlour,” a tribute to Czech writer Božena Němcová, is dominated by a mosaic fountain.

Moravian-Slovak Parlour boasts an impressive decorative ceiling painting, while the embroidered decorations and macramé curtains with beads showcase the craftsmen’s skills and workmanship.

Slovácký salonek

Confectionery no longer serves the purpose for which it was designed, though its interior has been preserved. One of the “ladies’ parlours,” this Art Nouveau masterpiece, featuring stucco decoration and mirror panels, is often used by filmmakers.

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