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The main stairway and new foyer

From the lounge one enters the STAIRWAY LOUNGE with an entrance wing to the Central Cloakroom. The Stairway Lounge also provides access to both of the main stairways leading to the basement as well as the upper floors. The terracotta floor by G. Petrucci has been renovated as well as other interior parts. On the side of the entrance door are an original cash register and a porter's lodge and other equipment made by J. Macoun. The light fittings were made by František Křižík and the luxury elevator cabins, today intended to be used by the president and the mayor only, were made by the firm F. Ringhoffer. The stucco decoration was created by J. Capek.

Vstupní vestibul směrem  ke schodišti Kulturní a informační středisko   Dolní foyer v suterénu

On the left of the staircase is an entrance to the NEW FOYER. In the back it is connected with the Central Cloakroom by a newly built stairway.

Fontánka v dolním foyer

THE MAIN STAIRWAY TO THE BASEMENT has ceramic wainscoting with decorative panelling and with scenes of historical Prague which have been implemented by the Rakovník factory RAKO according to the design by E. Hlavin. On the landing there are decorative reliefs by A. Mara. The metal hand­rails are precisely detailed.

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