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Winebar, American bar and Pilsen restaurant

The Wine Bar is remarkable for the perfect finish of its wooden fitted furniture and wainscoting in combination with the colour glazed, sculpted ceramics. It is a restaurant and occasionally also a venue for chamber concerts.

The centrally located American Bar was designed as an expression of admiration for the democratic and progressive ideas of the New World, where a number of Czech expatriates found their new home. The American Bar was also one of the first public establishments which ladies could visit without male accompaniment. The bar, featuring the original equipment, is still fully functional.

Today’s Pilsen Restaurant was originally called Rustic, as it captured the architect’s idea of a beer cellar decorated with motifs from rural Slavic areas. To accentuate its rustic character, this restaurant was the only one in the Municipal House that did not have a cloakroom, and so the guests hung their coats on hangers next to the tables. Visitors can enjoy traditional Czech specialties as well as Pilsner beer, which is given excellent care.

Americký bar Plzeňská restaurace Vinárna

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