II. Concert

22/01/12 (Wed) v 19:30


Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Carl Davis conductor
Jan Hasenöhrl trumpet


Carl Davis – (world premiere of the concert performance of The Great Gatsby ballet suite)
Joe Zawinul – Birdland
Bobby Shew –  Nadalin
Henry Mancini – Two for the Road
Jerry Goldsmith – Chinatown
John Williams – Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (The Cantina Band)
Wojciech Kilar – We Own the Night
Marvin Hamlisch – One (A Chorus Line musical)


In autumn 2019 our studio recorded the score to a ballet show based on themes from Fitzgerald’s celebrated novel The Great Gatsby. Carl Davis, who has been working with the CNSO for almost 20 years, really shines through in this as an outstanding composer. The first half of the 2nd subscription concert will present the world concert premiere suite of the work which features elements of jazz, swing as well as symphonic music for the stage.

After a break the orchestra will reconvene bringing along compositions by a number of contemporary American giants in the field of film music production and perform suites from several legendary films.