Mnozil Brass

22/07/03 (Sun) v 19:00

Tickets with original dates of the concert (July 1, 2020 and June 27, 2021) remain valid.


Austrian brass septet Mnozil Brass hardly need much introduction to Prague Proms festival visitors. Repeated trips to Prague in recent years have earned them a considerable following over here and few would want to miss out on the opportunity to see and hear them once again.
Still the same group who studied together at the Wiener Universität für Musik and hung out at the Josef Mnozil Viennese pub back in the day, their performances centre on caricature and typical Austrian humour. Their repertoire spans a range of genres from classic to jazz, combining virtuoso playing with flawless musical interpretations to incredible effect, yet making it all look so effortless.
Mnozil Brass last performed at PRAGUE PROMS in 2018 with their show CIRQUE. They have now come up with a new programme called "Phoenix", which they describe in their own words as follows:

In the almost 27 years of their existence, we has extensively and with the utmost seriousness performed unserious, even silly programs. The new program “Phoenix” fundamentally changes the rules of the game: As of now, we will treat the serious side of life with the appropriate degree of flippancy. All the little demons gleefully standing in the way of our quest for truth, nobility and purity will be subjected to brazen, brassy scrutiny. Who wants to be holier-than-thou? Why do we enjoy the chase rather than being chaste and why the devil do we have more fun by night than by day? Mnozil Brass engages in this battery of questions with depth and dexterity, along with a pinch of presumed wisdom of the ages, in the new program “Phoenix”.