Basic corporate information


Company name: Obecní dům, a.s.
Company address: 111 21 Praha 1, nám. Republiky 1090/5
Legal form: joint-stock company
Company established: 3. 6. 2005
Identification number (IČO): 27251918
Listed in the Commercial Register: Městský soud v Praze oddíl B, vložka 9990

Company characteristics

Obecní dům, a.s. was established by the City of Prague, which is its exclusive owner. The company was entered into the Commercial Register on June 3, 2005. The company’s address is Praha 1, nám. Republiky 1090/5. Commercial activities began on August 1, 2005, when the Municipal House building including its furnishings and the land were leased to the company. The company replaced Obecní dům, a state funded organization with a similar range of activities, and which was also founded by the City of Prague.

The company manages the Municipal House on the basis of a lease agreement between Obecní dům, a.s. as the lessee and the City of Prague as the lessor.

Its predominant commercial activities include the long-term and short-term subleases of the commercial areas, offices and ceremonial halls of the Municipal House. Other significant activities include organization and co-organization of exhibitions in the Municipal House and the organization of tours of the Municipal House. Complex maintenance of the Municipal House as a national heritage monument is also an indispensable part of the company’s activities.

Obecní dům, a.s. does not receive grants or other contributions from public sources; its entire operations, including maintenance and repairs, are funded from its own commercial activities.

The board of directors:

Chairman of the board:

Mgr. Vlastimil Ježek


Deputy chairman of the board:

Mgr. Jan Lacina


Member of the board of directors:

Mgr. Albert Kubišta

Supervisory board:


Jan Wolf


Deputy chairman:

Bc. Lukáš Herold



Mgr. Karel Koželuh



David Skála



Mgr. Jakub Wolf