Smetana hall: Banquet, ball

hall area 541,60 m2
hall width 17,70
hall length 30,60 m
stage area 160 m2
stage width 15,30 m
stage length 10,20 m
hall height 19 m
hall height to light fittings 8 m
round table ø 183 cm


45 round tables with no dance floor
I. 450 people (tables for 10) + up to 56 people in the parterre
II. 540 people (tables for 12) + up to 56 people in the parterre
Many different layouts are possible, these are just a few of them.


There are 18 lift tables available on the stage which can be raised up to a height of 80 cm or which can be used to create a tiered elevation for an orchestra, with each level being raised by 20 cm. There are 4 motorized pulleys above the stage, each with a capacity of up to 180 kg. The stage and goods lifts can be used for setting up. The lighting in the hall can be dimmed using ceiling blinds.



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