18/05/10 - 18/06/24

Daily 10 AM - 7 PM

The first comprehensive exhibition of photographs from the world of Czech theater takes you on a tour of the history of Czech theater and photography as well as major events in the history of our country. The exhibition includes portraits of theater stars, photographs from productions at renowned theaters of all sizes as well as pictures of theater buildings and their backstage areas from around 1850 to the present.

The authors of the photographs include such legends as František Drtikol, Miroslav Hák, Václav Chochola and Jaroslav Krejčí, they come from the famous Langhans Studio and many others. There’s a special section dedicated to current photography which presents the works of finalists selected by the jury of a photographic contest.

The exhibition focuses on many other aspects of the history of Czech theater and photography. It features a section which compares historical and current promotional photographs and material, there are photographs which document turning-point events in Czech and Czechoslovak history in which theater artists played an important role, and there is also a display of vintage cameras.

Accompanying Program
Workshops, seminars, lectures, guided tours, a photographic studio for the general public and professionals, children and adults. More information in Czech.

The Czech Theater Photography Monograph
The exhibition is accompanied by the release of a comprehensive book which maps Czech theater photography since its beginning to the present, available in Czech and English versions.

Anna Hejmová, Vojtěch Poláček

The main organiser of this exhibition of Czech theatre photography is the Arts and Theatre Institute  (ATI), which has long been focusing on documenting and presenting theatre photography. It has systematically been charting the genre and is handling it as a valuable source that will lead to better knowledge about (not just) Czech theatre. An extensive database of theatre photography is accessible to the public at: The Arts and Theatre Institute is also involved in publication and exhibition activities in this field.

The Arts and Theatre Institute is a public benefit corporation established by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.