16/09/15 - 17/01/15

Jiří Anderle

The extensive and diverse body of work which Jiří Anderle (born 1936) has created over more than fifty years includes prints, drawings, paintings and sculptures. The varied forms and techniques used by Anderle share a common denominator: critical humanist perception focused on specific historical phenomena and universal human themes. Since he first appeared on the Czech art scene in the mid-1960s, Jiří Anderle has earned a unique place not only in the Czech context, but internationally as well. He gained his renown primarily through his graphic art, in which he developed unmistakable artistic expression based on the mastery and combining of various printmaking techniques. His work is represented in the collections of many Czech museums and galleries and around the world.

The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová and City Councillor for Culture Jan Wolf.

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