19/03/07 - 19/06/30

Daily 10 AM - 7 PM

The Wide World exhibition presents illustrations and paintings covering a wide spectrum of artistic styles and genres by Zdeněk Burian, an artist whose works have been admired by several generations of readers of adventure books.

The sets exhibited include illustrations to books by Jules Verne, Jack London, Karl May, Rudyard Kipling, Jaroslav Foglar and many other prominent authors of adventure fiction, allowing the visitors to take a look into the stories of the Jungle Book, Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island. The exhibition will also feature Burian’s images of prehistory, primarily as illustrations to Josef Augusta’s books. Fourteen oil paintings, part a unique geographical cycle from an interwar periodical, The Wide World, provide a symbolic frame to the exhibition.

The exhibition is presented by the Retro Gallery and curated by Jakub Sluka.