Czech Philharmonic & David Robertson

22/05/20 (Fri) v 20:00


We invite ticket holders to Pre-Concert Talk. The discussion with David Robertson, Ivo Kahánek and Michal Rataj begins at 6.30 pm.


  • Charles Ives: The Unanswered Question
  • Michal Rataj: Movis, concerto for piano solo and large orchestra
  • Charles Ives: Symphony No. 4


  • Czech Philharmonic
  • David Robertson - conductor
  • Ivo Kahánek - piano
  • Prague Philharmonic Choir

Monumental, daring and, at the same time, poignant

The audience has a wonderful evening in store with a concert given by the Czech Philharmonic and American conductor David Robertson, the Prague Philharmonic Choir and Ivo Kahánek. One of the most eminent Czech pianists on the music scene today, Kahánek will be appearing twice during this festival programme when he performs the piano concerto Movis by contemporary Czech composer Michal Rataj and then the solo part in Symphony No. 4 by Charles Ives. “Together with Gershwin, Ives is a fundamental American composer of the first half of the 20th century, and his monumental, daring and, at the same time, poignant Symphony No. 4 for orchestra, choir and solo piano is one of his greatest works,” says Prague Spring Programme Director Josef Třeštík. “Ivo is a first-rate soloist of traditional scores who has embarked upon a quest in a sphere of music considerably more recent,” states Michal RatajAs a composer I have always been fascinated by quests like this,” he addsKahánek himself states that he is looking forward immensely to his twofold appearance at this Prague Spring concert: “On the one hand it was at this festival – or, more precisely, during the festival competition – that my concert career began in 2004. On the other hand, the Prague Spring is one of the world’s elite festivals, and to perform at the event would be an honour for any musician, even more so in my case, given that I will be joining another national treasure – the Czech Philharmonic, along with conductor David Robertson. Michal Rataj’s piano concerto will give me one of my first opportunities to play truly current music, moreover, music written by my contemporary and friend which may well surprise the audience not only for its originality, but also for its sheer beauty. The score even requires me to improvise at one point!