Additional services

Staff OD

security, fire supervision, technician, medical supervision, spotlight, cloakroom, cleaner during the event, sound engineer

Sound system halls and foyer

Projection technique

data projector Casio XJ-V 100W, data projector Panasonic PT - VW 530, 5000 Ansi, data projector Panasonic 2 000 Ansi (front projection), laptop
canvas 2 x 3 m, canvas 9 x 6.75 m in Smetana Hall (front and rear projection, variable height), canvas Triped 2 x 2 m tripod

Stage lights

reflector FHR 1000 A04A RAL including tripod, reflector FHR 2000 A03A including tripod

Speaker systems

NEXO speaker system + monitors, amplifier, processor, YAMAHA MS 60S speaker system, YAMAHA DBR10 700W speaker monitors

Microphones - dynamic microphones

Sennheiser microport, Sennheiser head microphone, dynamic microphone (Sennheiser, Shure), condenser microphone (Sennheiser, AKG)

Mixing desks

Soundcraft 6 mono mixer, Soundcraft 8 mono mixer, Soundcraft 24mono mixer, YAMAHA CL-3 mixer, YAMAHA QL1 mixer

Pianos, organs, drums

Steinway concert grand D-274 - large, Steinway A / S concert grand piano - small
organ, drum kit
tuning the piano / retuning the piano / tuning 2 pianos

For information on prices and other services provided, please contact the SALES DEPARTMENT at: