The Four Seasons, Gypsy Airs op.20

13.06.23 (Út) v 20:00

Prague Classical Orchestra

The Four Seasons

A. Vivaldi
Concerto No.1 „Spring“ Op.8RV 269 Allegro-Largo-Allegro Concerto
No.2 „Summer“ Op.8 RV 315 Allegro má non molto-Adagio-Presto
Concerto No.3 „Autumn“ Op. RV 293 Allegro-Adagio molto-Allegro
Concerto No.4 „Winter“ Op.8 RV 297 Allegro non molto-Largo-Allegro

Canon in D

J. Pachelbel

Hungarian Dance no.5

J. Brahms

Gypsy Airs op.20

P. Sarasate